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Giving Tee

The “Giving Tee”

Do you know someone that is in need of hearing God's word or that needs to know Jesus on a more persona level? Perhaps this person is on the fence about their salvation or they would benefit from various bible quotes to give them hope and to know God's love for them.

How our Donation Program Works?

We have designed a really special program at Precious Little Tot called the “Giving Tee”. Each month our Precious Little Tot team will pray about a specific number of people to provide FREE christian inspired t-shirts to. PLT will decide upon and design a unique scripture t shirt that could directly impact others. The shirt we design will be gifted to however many people we have prayed about.

We Need your Help!

We are looking for people to help us assist in finding people to give our shirts to. Do you know someone that can benefit from our donation? If so, we need to know some some basic info about the individual you will be gifting our shirt to and why you feel this would be a good fit for them. We ask that you email us directly with a brief description of who will be receiving your this shirt and why you feel this shirt/scripture would help them. Include the words "Giving Tee Recipient" in the title of your email message. 

What your recipient will receive:

Each recipient will receive (1) Giving Tee that we have selected for the month, along with a card that contains the scripture on the shirt along with any history or explanation on how this bible verse is applicable to their life and salvation. On the back of the card contains a salvation prayer for when/if they are ready to give their life to Jesus.

Selection Process:

If you are chosen from our team to have your recipient gifted our t shirt we will contact you at the email address you provided. Our donation program is on the honor system and we ask that you do not keep the t shirt for yourself and that you gift the tee to the person you list as the recipient.

How to Purchase a Giving Tee for yourself or others:

If your recipient has not been chosen to receive a free t shirt, and you would still like to purchase a t shirt for someone, we do offer a discount Giving Tee for purchase. Because we truly feel that there are so many people that are in need of hearing God’s generous words and that need to know Jesus we have decided to heavily discount one shirt a month that you can purchase at cost price to gift to as many people as you need. We will allow a certain number of purchases each month under this discount program and then close the opening period until next month. You can purchase this tee at a discounted price of $13.50 and use the link below to purchase.