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Two Mother's Day Reflections

We’ve all heard it, once you have your first child everything changes. But it’s said so often it’s easy to ignore its truth. But with Mother’s Day approaching and the recent birthday of our youngest, I’ve been reflecting on some of those changes. There’s too many to mention, but I’d love to just share two.

Labor of Love

I now deeply know the truth in the term ‘labor of love’. Being a mother is the most beautiful labor. Literally from the beginning. And as I’ve been doing it for 7 years now, I know it’s not easy at times. It’s not beautiful at times and it definitely requires uncomfortable sacrifice at times. But I would not change it for the world. This lovely labor, even on the difficult paths, allows me to grow just as much as the kids we’re raising.

Walking in My Mom’s Shoes

The second is finally understanding how much my own mother did for me. When I find myself in those tough places, those moments where there seems to be more labor than love, I have never felt closer to walking in her shoes.

As I do for my children, I am reminded what she did for me. (And without the modern conveniences I enjoy!) There were so many moments I took her for granted. But my experience as a mother is giving me a deeper understanding of her experience as the mother to me. And I am grateful for her.

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